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Changing Lives, 

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Help Improve or Start Libraries in Rural Africa

Our mission is to increase access to much needed quality educational materials for communities in our African Partner Countries. As a Youth Ambassador, you will be matched with a specific school and collect books specific to their educational needs. More book drives equals more books for African learners. Recruit your peers and coach them to organize their own book drives!

Connecting to Communities

Youth Ambassadors will share best practices in their community engagement efforts and have the chance to teach and learn from each other.

Leadership Development Activities

Monthly leadership development activities may include hands-on workshops, team meetings, and attendance to local events to inspire leadership development.


Contact Us

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African Library Project

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ALP Project Incubator

From creating STEM-themed libraries to hand delivering books to our Ghanaian Community Partners, our Youth Ambassadors are designing solutions to address complex challenges in our African Partner Countries. A core mission of the Youth Ambassador Program is to be an incubator for these initiatives by providing leadership development opportunities and other resources to help launch these ideas.

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